The first quarter of 2011 has proven to be busy for Spotlight Sound Studio. In mid January I completed an EP with Fort Wayne, Illinois alternative rock band, Thank You & Goodnight. I always love working with these guys! I hope to see them soon this year. The EP is currently streaming from www.myspace.com/thankuandgoodnight. Go check it out! After TY&G left the studio I produced a song for Greenville, SC pop-rock band, The Marie. The single “You’re Only One” and their early EP is free for download at www.purevolume.com/themarie. They’re getting back in the studio with me in late April. Keep an eye out for this band! 2011 is going to be a great year for them.

Toward the end of the month, I produced a 3 song EP for Atlanta indie band The District Attorneys. This was a fun project for me because it really allowed me to step out of my box. I loved what the band and I made together. They have plans to release this EP soon.

In February I started working with my boy Rollie on a new single, “Summer Girls. As always, Rollie was awesome in the studio. His EP is streaming at www.facebook.com/rolliemusic . “Summer Girls” is also up there for free download. Go check this local artist out!

In Mid February I produced my fourth album for The Bastard Suns (SDR Records). The band is releasing 4 seasonal EP’s this year. Spring (EP3) was released at the March 26th at the sold out show at The Masquerade in Atlanta. The Bastard Suns have been kicking ass this year! They started their 3rd US tour of the year this week. They’ll be in the studio again with me this June to record EP4. I’m stoked to work with them again. Check their music out on their Facebook page. Their discography is available at http://www.thebastardsuns.com/.

In February and March I produced 3 songs for Alpharetta country band Von Grey. This was such a cool project for me because I was working with kids! Von Grey is a group of sisters. Petra (10) plays lap steel, keys and sings, Fiona (13) plays acoustic and electric guitar and sings lead vocals, Annika (14) plays violin, banjo, acoustic guitar and sings lead vocals, and Kathryn (16) plays cello, mandolin, bass, and sings. These girls are very talented and are currently playing some show cases for labels like Big Machine Records. Their EP will be released in late April. Check the band out at www.vongrey.com.

Lastly, I just finished recording a song with Atlanta band, Vonnegutt (Purple Ribbon). This song turned out great and I can’t wait to work with those guys again! Check out Vonnegutt at http://vonnegutt.com/ and look out for them on Warped Tour this summer!

Tomorrow I start working with Atlanta band, Freshman 15 (Standby Records, Twilight Records), on their new LP!! It will for sale this summer. You can catch these guys on Warped tour, too. Check my boys out at http://www.facebook.com/freshman15rock.