Fall 2011

This summer I finished up the 4th EP for The Bastard Suns' "A Band For All Seasons" 4 volume EP collection: Summer.  This band never ceases to amazing me with excellent material. I've worked on 5 albums with these guys over the past 3 years.  When I first saw them, they were playing in bars, and now their selling out shows all over the country.  I'm incredibly proud of them and highly suggest that everyone takes a minute to check out their music at www.facebook.com/thebastardsuns or on iTunes. After wrapping up with The Bastard Suns (SDR Records), I started a 3 song EP with Atlanta band, The FountNHead.  The best way I can describe their music is punk-infused hip hop.  It was a fun project and I really look forward to working with this band again in the near future.  The FountNHead has immense raw talent and some fresh tunes. Check them out at www.thefountnhead.com or on iTunes.

In August I produced a new EP for Simple As Surgery (Twilight Records).  This album kind of took a new, more mature direction for these dudes.  What's awesome about this project is that it was the first project I recording and mixed on my new Dynaudio BM 15's!  (The sound SO good!) Anyway, SAS played a CD release show with another client of mine, The Marie.  Scope Simple As Surgery at www.simpleassurgery.com and get the new EP!

After SAS left, I started working on an album with Ohio pop/rock band, Remember When.  This is the second project I did with my new Dynaudio speakers and it was STILL awesome.  We tracked 3 new songs (did 3 others a few months before).  The band released the 6 songs and is coming back this winter to record a full length.  I'm looking forward to working with these dudes again and eating lots of sushi.

In September I produced and co-wrote my first song for Atlanta alternative/hip hip, Vonnegutt (Purple Ribbon, Average Joes).  You should be able to hear this tune on their upcoming album.  In the meantime, head over to www.facebook.com/vonnegutt and scope some of the tunes that these dudes recorded with my friend and fellow producer, Simmon Illa.

Immediate after my time with Vonnegutt, I hit the studio with my boy Rollie for the 3rd time.  We tracked 4 new songs.  Rollie was recently picked up by Rising Hits Talent Management.  I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing this dude in the studio again soon.

In October I recorded 3 new songs with longtime friends and clients, Sami and Sean Michelson (sister and brother... not married).  These three songs are 3 of the meanest things I have ever produced!  Sean and Sami are a talented duo and I'm so stoked to have done this project with them.  You'll definitely be seeing one of these songs on my next compilation CD.

In Late October I tracked another EP with The Marie.  This EP took a new direction for these guys.  If I'm not mistaken, it is being released this Friday (Dec. 2).  Check it out at www.facebook.com/themarieband.

In November I tracked 4 songs with Florida band, Makari (formerly known as Skyline Summer).  You can hear one  of the new song, "Monster," on their Facebook at www.facebook.com/makariband.  We're talking about hitting the studio again in the spring so keep an eye out for new music from these guys (and gal).

In the meantime I have been working on a full length with Virginia rock n roll band, We Killed Vegas (White String Records).  We just finished tracking vocals tonight and I'll be onto mixing next week!  If you dig 70's rock bands, you love these guys!

That pretty such sums up the last few months for me.  Thanks for checking out the new website and check back soon for more Spotlight news!

-JJ Killa