Twilight Records 10th Anniversary Tour

I'm stoked to be heading back to Japan next week for the Twilight Records 10th Anniversary Tour!  I'll be playing drums for my longtime buddies and clients, Holiday Parade.  We'll be performing a handful of club dates all over the country with our friends Cartel, Quiet Drive, and Cash Cash. If you're unfamiliar with Twilight Records, they are an incredible label based out of Tokyo.   Twilight distributes the music of over a dozen awesome bands such as The Cab, Hawthorne Heights, The Ready Set, and more.  I have four clients signed to this label - Holiday Parade, Bonaventure, Freshman 15, and Simple As Surgery.  It's always a pleasure working with Twilight, especially while in Japan, so I'm really excited to reconnect with my friends there.  Japanese friends and fans, check the dates here!