December 2018 Update!

Hi Everyone,

2018 has been a fun year for Spotlight. Since my last update in March, we have worked on quite a few diverse projects. I produced Writing on the Walls for Nocturnal Animals. Barbie and I filmed a music video for Hush Money's song "Bourbon Street Queen"in Blue Ridge, GA. I mixed and mastered Anomaly: Songs in G Major the 4th studio album for Gerard B, and I recorded, mixed, and mastered an EP for Michelle Winters, an amazing violinist. You can check out her song "Rhodes" on Spotify.

We came so close to a Grammy nomination for Chantae Cann's full length album, Sol Empowered. The album made it to the first round Grammy ballot in 3 categories.

I bought my 3rd API 512c mic preamp, repaired my pair of AKG 414's and got a new T4A unit for my LA - 2A. All of our gear is in excellent shape at the moment!

I am currently finishing up an EP for Michael Zaib; you can check out his video for "Over Before it Began."I've already started work on Gerard B's 5th studio album, and I'm looking forward to starting an EP with Grace Milton.

If you need any help with recording projects, get in-touch! Lets make your best music yet in 2019.

Jason Andrews
770 335 2867