The Studio

Spotlight sound studio was built from the ground up with excellence in mind. we have an extensive gear collection and each room has been PRECISELY tuneD so that we can provide recording, mixing and mastering without any compromises



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Gear List


Dynamics processors

(1) Teletronix LA2A leveling amp

(2) 1176LN compressor

(1) Dangerous Music BAX EQ

(1) TK Audio TK-Lizer M/S mastering EQ

(1) TK Audio BC2ME mastering compressor

(1) DBX 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer

(3) DBX 903 Compressor

(2) DBX 905 EQ

(1) Aphex Aural Exciter

(1) DBX 933 Mixer



(3) API 512c

BAE 1073d (Neve style preamp/EQ)

Universal Audio 2-610 (dual tube preamp)

Focusrite ISA 428 (quad preamp)

Focusrite ISA 220

 Avalon ad2022 (dual preamp)

(16) class A Focusrite preamps via control 24

SansAmp Tech 21 RBI (bass preamp)


(1) Neumann m149 tube mic

(2) Neumann U87ai (matched pair)

(2) AKG c414

(2) Neumann KM 184

(1) Okatava 104

(1) AKG D112

(1) Shure SM7

(5) Shure SM57

(2) Shure SM58

(1) Shure beta 56a

(2) Sennheiser md421

(1) Royer 121



Dynaudio BM15 (pair)

Yamaha NS10m (pair)

Yamaha KM87 (pair)

Hear Technologies - Hearback System

10 sets of headphones with 6 separate mixes


House drum set

Tama Silverstar (birch jazz kit) 12, 14, 20

Pork Pie maple 7x14 snare

Pork Pie 6.5x14 BIG BLACK (brass snare)

Pearl Vinnie Paul signature snare (maple 8x14)

Pearl Sensitone snare (steel)

Ludwig concert snare

Zildjian and Menil cymbals

DW 9000 hardware and  single pedal




Pro Tools HDX v10.3

Protools Native v11.3 

(1) HD i/o analog interface - 16 in, 16 out

(1) Control 24 - control surface

(1) Mac Pro 2.8ghz Quad Core, 16GB RAM

(1) 27" Apple cinema display

(1) MacBook Pro


Korg M50 61-Key

Korg R3 Synthesizer / Vocoder

Guitar gear

1979 Marshall Plexi (50 watt)

1989 Marshall Jcm 800 (50 watt)

1999 Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier solo head

2008 Orange Rocker 30 (30 watt)

1974 Fender bassman 100

2010 Vox AC30 2x12 combo amp

1961 Ampeg b-15

Marshall standard 2x12 cab

80's Marshall 4x10 cab

Mesa/Boogie oversized 4x12 cab



Gibson Les Paul Standard

Fender Telecaster

Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray 4 string bass

Yamaha acoustic guitar

Lotus nashville tuned acoustic guitar

Savannah Kentucky Style Mandolin

Eastwood Airline Lap Steel

“When I record with Jason his ears are my ears, which makes the process much easier and more productive. The end result is always what I want. He has gone above and beyond to help me create music I can be proud of.”

- Heather Hayes

the heather hayes experience